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women issues
NaughtyCupcake, Dozer

Seems like I can’t get a break I lost two women that meant a lot to me and as far as the one back home I haven’t heard from her in some time I called her I came across one of her shirts no answer it was nice to hear her voice, I also haven’t heard from someone else either and after what she said to someone close to me Doubt I will see her again the one in Iowa was a ten year relationship she knew me better than I knew myself she would call me and know something was wrong without me telling her , we would go to the movies and she would lean over and say that’s you  Me it is not her it’s so you and Id launch a popcorn kernel at her ….The one up here was that way as well diffent people but sense of humor was the same …..  The other one well one phone call and I get treated like I am getting questioned by homeland Security ….. Seems like all the ones I seem to come across don’t understand me  and want to change me  ….. I had a valid reason my phone wasn’t working I had to get a new one soon as I had one

I made  a phone call here is how it went

NC: Hey did you get the text messages I forwarded you

A:  Yep cant believe she’s pulling that how’s SB by the way

NC: Haven’t heard I spose she got scared lost a few good women over the years .

 A: Are you sure they were good women

NC: Piss off

A: you will find another one she will be sexy, smart , beautiful , most likely physcoithc

Hopefully not ….

NC: yea I don’t know where im going wrong I am No Val Kilmer its they don’t like

My bedroom behavior or they don’t like my friends , Or what I do Wish I could Just clone

A woman that dosent have baggage or wont reject me …

A: What about B you were with her off and on over ten years have you heard from her

You always said that she was your own version  of a Marylyn Monroe

NC : yea I miss her but it never fails I always get damaged goods some how

May be I am more damaged that I think I am need to get a motorcycle again

And Ride till my head is clear

A: well hope fully you will hear from SB keep trying

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I wouldn't go right to scared. Probably just out being damaged goods and hasn't gotten back to you yet.

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